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Do you have rooms in your home that are just sitting there looking pretty or maybe even no so pretty?  If they are not so pretty, I can provide a Redesign and Home Staging Consultation.  I will guide you to exciting changes and appealing designs that will bring you security using your home as an income stream!  

I can show you how to make $600, $1,200 and even up to $3,000/month renting rooms in your home - depending on what space you have available.  What's the catch?  You must be open to sharing your home with others who will be sharing your kitchen and laundry.  So, making new friends and being open to sharing your home with others is crucial to this being a successful and enjoyable endeavor.


This is my home which brings in $2,050/month renting 3 rooms.  I do this because I am a business person, am paying off my mortgage early with these rents and I enjoy making new acquaintances.  I furnish and stage the rooms and every house mate I've had has been interesting and often times I learn something from each one of them.  I can also assist you in screening house mates so you have positive experiences.


$600/month for a room like this times 2 rooms for a total of $1,200/mo.  - these two house mates share a bath.  We must make your spaces for rent appealing and inviting.  I never have a room sit on the market longer than a week.  It's all about designing the space, giving it warmth and pricing the space according to the rest of the package.  That's where I help you maximize your opportunities!  I want you to have extra cash in your pocket and always have your house mates pay you in cash!  I keep my cash rents in a safe and when I go shopping, I go to my safe.  Imagine the power of your home!


                                                                                                This is the entry to my home.  Who wouldn't want to live here for $600/month?


This lower level pulls in $850/mo.   The queen size bed area is behind sofa with a screen separator, private bath and closet in bath.


Call me and let me share with you how I can help you turn your property into a cash cow.  I'll bring you a massive return on this investment and you'll be telling all your friends about your passive income using your home as the income stream!  Love where you live!


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526330 Maryland Cell: 301-514-6839

Design Refresh Stage - Color, Redesign & Staging | Signature Home Sales - Seller & Homeowner Specialist | Maryland Listing Specialists
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