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Color Perfect Consultations with Cathy Chapman, CCE

Did you know that the average cost to paint a 950 sq. ft. home by a painter is $2,500?  That's a lot to pay when you aren't certain the color you chose is going to work perfectly with what you already have in the space.  The truth is ...color is complicated.  It's no wonder statistics show 50% of all paint sales are homeowners going back in to their paint supplier to fix mistakes after getting help from a color expert.

Hi, I am Cathy Chapman, a Certified Color Expert (CCE) with extensive training and hands-on experience in paint color.  Does it make sense to call a professional color expert to learn how the process works when choosing a paint color so in the future you can have more confidence in doing this on your own?  For $125/hour you can make sure you are looking at the various colors that will work fabulously so that your choice then becomes easy.  You will have  paint samples for each room to evaluate over a week or so knowing that any color you choose is going to be perfect in the room.

Some "rules" about color ratios are that wall color is 60% of the color ratio; linens, furniture & cabinetry colors are 30% and accent colors are the remaining 10%.  So knowing these ratios, it becomes clear why wall color is so crucial.  Wall color is the canvas upon which the rest of the furnishings come together in perfect harmony.  So if you are doing a major redesign and redecorating project, the first person you should call is a CCE to assess what you currently have so you move in the right direction from the start!

With statistics showing 50% of homeowner unable to make wise paint choices, it's clear there is a serious need for help. 

"The good news is this problem is finally being addressed with an emerging industry of Certified Color Expert professionals.  They have stepped up to the challenge by learning this complicated system of color choices and are guiding homeowners to their best choices.  Over the next decade, you will see a trend where more and more homes will show like models simply due to this exciting and emerging industry coming to life!" —Cathy Chapman

Cathy is available by appointment to come to your home for a Color Consultation at $125/hour.  Wouldn't you agree that is a small price to pay to make sure you do things right the first time?  She will discuss what you would like her help with.  She also does redesign and staging.  Out of this consultation, she will leave you with several color options based on what would work best with your current furnishings.  You will be learning every step of the way.  She will go through your home and assess all of the colors in the rooms you want help with to determine the best paint color to create harmony with the current furnishings, fixtures and architectural elements. 

It's very easy to pick the wrong colors as you can see in the above photo to the left.  They were tryng to match the floors which was a big mistake.  Painting the walls the color of the floors gives the hallway a heaviness that weights your aura.  Whereas the photo on the right lifts your aura with a fresh light ambiance.  We've all done it at some point in our lives, some of us more times than we want to admit with an "oh no..." when we're done.  So when you get a color expert involved you will make wise choices as you can see in the above photo to the right!  Even though the maple cabinets look pretty on the left, that is a trend from 15 years ago.  One mistake they made in this kitchen is the wall color.  That should be lighter to compliment the white cabinetry.  Updating your kitchen to current trends will put you in the driver's seat if you decide to sell in today's market.  And painting cabinetry is very tricky as well.  The prepping and type of paint you use is crucial.  That's where I come in to guide you!

Is today the day you move forward so you can finally say,

"I love where I live!"


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